If you are reading this post then you probably recently got an ugly scratch on your vehicle. As with most other people, you probably aren’t a scratch specialist or bodywork expert, yet with a bit of guidance and great products it’s possible to do a good do-it-yourself auto paint repair job.

Ways to Fix Small Car Scratches

Perhaps you have to repair slightly keyed auto paint and now need a small vehicle scratch repair. You easily can repair minor automobile scratches using a paint pen. Clean the area off with soapy water then a grease and wax remover. Put on multiple paint color coats using the pen, allowing it to dry between coats. Then utilize clear coat over the fresh paint. Lastly, utilize rubbing compound in order to polish your space so it’s shiny.

Do-it-yourself Auto Scratch Repair for Multiple Chips

If the automobile has a lot of chips and you wish to repair it, car paint inside a bottle is the way to go. Touch-up paint bottles are 2 oz., and are how you can take off several scratches on an automobile. Follow the exact same guides for the paint pen, except you’ll be utilizing a brush instead of the pen tip for your auto scratch repair.

Fixing a Large Space of Scratches and Chips

If the automobile has some severe paint chips and scratches, it is recommended to use spray paint or touch-up paint. Spray cans are 12.5 oz. and may cover a massive space of damaged paint. If the vehicle is dented, you’ll need to order spot putty and a bit of lightweight autobody filler. You’ll first use those products prior to applying car paint using the spray can.
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