Most headlights nowadays are manufactured with polycarbonate plastic, which makes the lights more durable and less prone to scratches. However, as time goes on, the polycarbonate can become cloudy. This happens because UV rays can lead to degradation of the outside of the headlight. The good thing to know is that many products and contractors can assist with headlight restoration in Denver CO.

Do It Yourself Option

For those who want to restore their own headlights, the first step is a simple one. Wash your car. You should also consider not waxing it since the compound used to restore the headlights will have more trouble adhering to a slick surface.

Tape It Up

The next thing you should do is apply some blue masking tape around the headlamp you will be working on. You can often cover up the backup and marker lights as they do not get the same cloudiness common with the headlights. It is also a good idea to remove any trim nearby, as the process can hurt the chrome.

Sand the Surface

You will then use sandpaper to remove the outermost layer of cloudiness. This may take more time and effort than you expect, but be thorough. You can soak a piece of 1000 grit sandpaper in cold water for a few minutes before sanding the lens. You want to do this in one direction back and forth while ensuring the surface stays wet. Be careful around the paint and trim.

Polish Things Up

Using a fine polish gets rid of the scratches from the sandpaper and will make your lenses bright and clear again. Use the polishing compound with a microfiber cloth to polish in a circular motion. It takes about 10 minutes per lens for everything to get rubbed in correctly, so take your time. Once it is complete, you can clean the glass with a paste car wax to remove all of the polishing solution.

Are There Other Options?

Of course! Not everyone wants to spend the time and energy restoring their own headlights, and you do not have to. There are reputable sources of headlight restoration in Denver, CO that can do the hard work for you.

At A+ Autoglass, professional technicians will provide the service you need at a reasonable price. Their technique is also superior to a do-it-yourself alternative. If you are sick of having trouble seeing at night, think about contacting the office at 303-680-0983.