When your in Aurora, Denver, or any of the other suburbs and your door glass won’t go up and down, call us. In addition to our auto glass services, A+ Auto Glass technicians are trained to replace window motors and window regulators. A faulty power window isn’t just inconvenient in the drive-thru, it’s also a safety hazard. We can take apart your door and figure out the problem. If it just needs put back on track, we can handle that immediately. If it needs a new motor or regulator, we can get those ordered for you. We will put a apparatus in the car to keep the window up (so you can secure your car) until the parts come in. Then we can install it for you. Call us today for a quote!!

A lady from Parker called the other day and the window had fallen down inside the door. She was cold and didn’t want to leave her car exposed to the elements (and more) over night. We were able to get her done same day. We would love to fix your problem also!

Window Motors And Window Regulators Replacement Services