Headlight Restoration Denver Co

I’m sure you have noticed it before, either on your own car or other cars: cloudiness, scratches or discoloration of the headlights. Today’s headlight assemblies are not like the ones of earlier model cars. The headlight assembly is a clear plastic cover that acts not only as a protector for the bulb but enhances the look of the car and helps in aerodynamics.. The problems comes over time when weathering and sun damage breaks down the outer protection layer breaks down leaving raw plastic exposed to the elements. Not only does the headlight look bad but the light is effectively cut to a point where it dangerous to drive at night.

Most people do not realize that as the headlight clouds the light cannot get through the lens and onto the road. What you end up with is the light reflecting back into the headlight assembly. So sure, people can see you, but you can’t see the road.

Replacing the headlight is not a practical decision either. Headlights can range from $120-$600, and that is just for one headlight!

Many companies saw there was a need in the market to restore headlight back to their original condition. The most common method is to use sand paper and go from a heavy abrasive working down to a less abrasive wet sand and then buffing the headlight.

The problem with this method is it only lasts for 3-6 months and it returns to the same cloudy condition. This method does not cure the original problem that the headlight is still raw plastic exposed to the elements.

headlight Then we came up with the answer. To recoat the headlight to protect it from wind, rain, salt, sand, magnesium chloride and worst of all the suns solar rays. If you life in Denver or the surrounding area you know that we have more sun exposure than nearly everywhere else in the country. Our headlight restoration process puts a solar protective coating back on your headlight.